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Our Story

Two people met, fell in love, and dreamed of a family together.

Meet the Johnson's. They had three amazing children. Nathan (the oldest), Raegan (the youngest), and Ethan (the middle child). Like all parents they dreamed of their children’s futures and what great things would lie ahead of them. 


Unfortunately dreams can fade and abruptly change when a devastating diagnosis is given to parents about a child. That is what happened when Ethan was diagnosed with a very rare terminal disease, Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder, at the age of two years old.  

Through God’s grace and love Ethan has beaten all odds and is still thriving. He drinks at least one fruit and veggie packed smoothie each day while staying active - working out daily and walking his dog. 


Ethan is excited to start his own business, sharing the health and nutrition benefits of smoothies with all his friends, family and neighbors in our community. 



Our dreams did change after Ethan’s diagnosis and now they are bigger and greater than we could have ever imagined. Things that we never thought possible are coming true.


Thank you for your support!

Green Juice

smoothies have changed our lives for the better

Smoothies are full of many health benefits and nutrition. That is how smoothies have changed our lives for the better. When you have a child with a rare disease that has no cure or treatment, it is a very helpless feeling. The only thing that gives hope is knowing that you are doing everything you possibly can to keep your child healthy and educate yourself  on the best way to do that. We learned how filling your child with nutritious, healthy foods can have very positive effects. However, getting a child to eat raw fruits and vegetables can be a bit of a challenge. That is when smoothies became a part of our lifestyles. We mixed 100 percent real fruit juices or milk with many different kinds of fresh vegetables and frozen organic fruits and found that all our kids loved it. They were drinking fruits and vegetables that they would have never eaten before - it was amazing! 

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